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5 Most Used Drugs Among Teens

If you are a parent, you know just how real drug abuse can be when it comes to teens. While many of us would like to think they are simply oblivious to these types of drugs, we should perhaps be more concerned with the fact that they do know what they are…they just might not understand the risks that come with them. These are 5 of the most commonly used drugs in the teen population and it may be wise to talk to your teen about them.

Kids today are trying marijuana at much younger ages than the generations before. Pot today is more potent than that of the past and is a major cause for alarm. The excuse “everyone else is doing it”, is commonly used among teenagers. Or how about, “come on mom, you probably did it when you were our age”, who hasn’t heard that one. The difference now is that marijuana is not exactly the type of drug to be taken so lightly. One never knows what else in today’s day and age that the pot their smoking is not laced with something else that is potentially even more harmful.

Prescription Drugs
Unfortunately many (Read More....)

There Is One Drug Bust In The U.S. Every 18 Seconds

Drug Bust

The United States is a nation overflowing with junkies and drug dealers.  If you doubt this is true, how else can you explain new statistics that show that there is one drug bust in the U.S. every 18 seconds.  That means that there are an average of three drug busts every single minute of every single day in America.

Has the war on drugs failed?     

The F.B.I. has released the Uniform Crime Report for 2008, and it does not paint a pretty picture.  According to the report, there were 1,702,537 drug arrests in 2008, and 82.3 percent of those arrests were for possession of a contraband substance.

What does it say about a nation when there are 1.7 MILLION drug arrests in that country per year?

44 percent of the arrests were for possession of marijuana.  This is prompting many pot advocates to once again call for marijuana legalization.  For example, NORML director Allen St. Pierre released a media advisory in which he made this statement: “Present enforcement policies are costing American taxpayers tens of billions of dollars, ruining the lives of hundreds of thousands (Read More....)

Marijuana Legalization


Is it time for marijuana legalization? After all, dozens upon dozens of the most famous movie stars, sports heroes and prominent politicians admit that they have smoked pot. If so many of America’s celebrities are using it, and if it has some important medical uses, then hasn’t it come time to legalize it?

Just consider the following list of celebrities that allegedly currently use marijuana or have used marijuana in the past…

Bill Maher

Jennifer Aniston

Jack Black

Michael Bloomberg

Tom Brokaw

George W. Bush

Bill Clinton

Jack Nicholson

Conan O’Brian

Bob Dylan

Carrie Fisher

Keanu Reeves

Newt Gingrich

Al Gore

Cameron Diaz

Drew Barrymore

Justin Timberlake

Paris Hilton

Mariah Carey

Charlize Theron

Dave (Read More....)